Decrease Rate of Vulnerbility to Ransom Attacks in 2018

by Adam Bullian | Jan 11, 2018 | Risk Analysis

ransomware-2321110_1920-1.jpgA recent survey indicated some interesting trends in ransomware attacks against small-to-medium size businesses (“SMBs”). According to the survey of managed service providers, ninety-three percent said their clients had been hit with ransomware in the last two years. 

Secure vs. Suffer the Consequences

Twenty-one percent had clients who faces six or more attacks last year, and twenty-six person had multiple attacks in a single day.  Perhaps the most shocking statistic is that it is estimated SMBs paid out an estimated $301 million in ransom during the 2016-2017 period surveyed.                                   

While many SMBs are paying ransoms in hope of regaining access to data, typically only forty-five percent have access to data returned after paying a ransom.  There are several things SMBs can do to guard against a ransomware attack, and never have to contemplate paying a ransom at all.  

One important step is to have frequently occurring backups that can be switched to in the event of a ransomware attack.  It is always good to test your ability to switch to a backup rather than waiting until it is needed.  You can also implement a disaster recover plan, which can help you in the immediate minutes and hours after an attack interrupts your system.  Finally, having a well trained staff can both prevent a ransomware attack in the first place, and can also help mitigate damages in the event an attack is successful.  

SMBs should be aware that ransomware attacks are increasingly targeting them, and they are becoming increasingly severe.  Now is the time to begin planning how to prevent, mitigate and recover from an attack.  

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