Emerging Cybersecurity Threats In Small and Medium Sized Hospitals

Panel: Emerging Cybersecurity Threats In Small and Medium Sized Hospitals: A Conversation With The FBI Cybersecurity Task Force and Industry Experts

Robert Zimmerman, QI Express, Rockville, MD and FBI Representative, FBI, Los Angeles

Privacy and Security Institute


Saturday, October 7, 2017


This session provides a unique opportunity for attendees to hear from, and interact with, a member of the FBI Cybersecurity Task Force and industry experts on current and emerging threats facing small and medium sized hospitals.  Panelists will provide insights into threats that are and will impact their organization, and industry experts will provide ideas on the best practices that can be implemented to prevent against such threats.  Finally, audience participation will be encouraged, thus providing a unique opportunity to have specific audience questions addressed by the panelists.

The objectives of this session are fourfold,

  • Provide attendees with current information on cyber threats that are impacting or could impact small and medium sized hospitals;
  • Discuss with a FBI cybersecurity expert on emerging threats to small and medium sized hospitals and best practices to limit vulnerabilities and prevent threats;
  • Dialogue with industry experts on how to safeguard patient health information in ways that are both reasonable and appropriate; and
  • Provide a forum for attendees to address their questions on cybersecurity risks and best practices to the panelists.

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