Details on the Largest Data Breach Settlement in History 

On Friday, attorneys announced a $115 million settlement to customers affected by the 2015 Anthem data breach.  It is believed to be the largest settlement related to a data breach in history.  Approximately 79 million people were affected by the breach.  The settlement funds will be used to provide two additional years of credit monitoring to affected individuals or cash for those already enrolled in monitoring.  This is in addition to the initial two years of credit monitoring previously.

The February 2015 breach was caused by an unknown hacker who accessed a database with personal information.  There has been no evidence that the information was released on the cybercrime underground, which leads some to theorize that it was the work of a state-sponsored hacker.

This settlement is in additional to the $260 million of security improvement, remediation and clean-up which followed the breach bringing the total costs associated with this breach to $375 million.

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